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Income Tax Preparation Services

With over 30 years of experience, we can prepare your personal or business federal and state income tax returns. We took over 180 hours tax/accounting Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses this year to insure we are up to date on all the latest tax laws and best practices. 

 We specialize in homeowners', military, and overseas workers income tax preparation, and can do all 50 U.S. state returns and prior year and amended returns. We can also respond to IRS letters, as well as State Tax Department correspondence.

Did you know that the IRS estimates the average person will spend 26 hours to prepare their income tax return?  Let us save you time and money by preparing it for you.  

Studies have shown that the IRS is less likely to audit a tax return that has been signed by a CPA

We encourage all our clients to take advantage of our FREE Electronic Filing service. According to the IRS: "Additional checks are done during the e-file transmission process.  That's why the error rate is so low for e-filed returns. In fact, the error rate is significantly reduced from 20 percent with paper returns to about 1 percent with e-filed returns. "  Your return is also processed more quickly electronically. 

New for the 2016 tax season, we are providing additional identity protection security steps, along with the FREE secure e-signature services, allowing you to review and sign your tax return securely and remotely. 

As you've found us on the Internet, you're eligible for a 30% discount on your individual income tax preparation.  Our fee for individual income tax preparation is by the tax forms that you need, so the cost will vary depending on your situation. 

A simple 1040 starts at $258, with a typical individual Federal and state return with itemized deductions, including the 30% discount, would be about $567.  That also includes, free electronic filing, and the comfort of having a professional CPA prepare and sign your tax returns.  Additional tax forms or excessive research could increase that price.

Corporate, estate, partnership and other types of tax return fees are calculated based on the amount of time it takes to prepare the return. 

Due to our increased costs for security, software, and file set up, we are requesting a $250 retainer / set up fee from all our clients for tax preparation. This fee will be a down-payment towards your total tax preparation cost.  You can pay via the credit card you provide on your informations sheet, or by check.

Conveniently located in Northern Virginia, we have evening and weekend appointments available. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit our Directions and Appointments page for more information about sending us your tax information via email, fax, mail, fedex, or UPS. 

We can also assist you if you receive a letter from the IRS - just fax (703) 931-3690 or email us a copy of the letter and we can advise you on the best response.

Our goal is to make your life less taxing.

Certified Public Accountant specializes in taxes, tax planning, corporation and business taxes
IRS forms - 1040, 1120, 1065
Free IRS / State electronic filing when we prepare your taxes. Can respond to IRS letters and assist with extensions and prior year tax returns.
 • Responding to IRS Letters
 • Respond to State Tax Department Letters  
 • Calculating Estimated Tax Payments
 • Analysis of your Withholding Exemptions  
 • Sole Proprietorship Income & Expenses (Sch C)
 • Interest and Ordinary Dividends (Sch B)  
 • Capital Gains and Losses (Sch D)
 • Foreign Earned Income (2555) 
 • Calculating Cost Basis on Investments Sold or Transferred  
 • Rental Property Income, Expenses and Depreciation (Sch E)
 • Estates and K1 Income  
 • Household Employment Taxes (Sch H) - "nanny tax" 
 • Quarterly Household Employee Unemployment Filings  
 • Income Tax Filing Extensions
 • Represent taxpayer before the IRS  
 • Tax Planning  
The variety of Income Tax Returns that we can prepare include:  
 • 1040 - Individual  
 • 1041 - Fiduciary  
 • 1065 - Partnership
 • 1120C - C Corporation  
 • 1120S - S Corporation
 • 990 - Exempt Organization Annual Report  
 • 706 - Estate Taxes

Calculate estimated payments, rental property income and expense, and cost basis on long term investments
Prepare 1040, 1041, K1, 1065, 1120C, 1120S, 990, 760 tax returns

You can use the spreadsheet tools below to help organize your information for the tax preparation of your Business, Rental Property, or Foreign Earned Income. 

If you received 1099's income from a business you operated or a profession you practiced as a sole proprietor, you will probably be filing a Schedule C with your income tax return. An updated copy of the sch C form can be found in the IRS forms section below. Use our spreadsheet tool to help you add up and organize your income and expenses. 

If you have a rental property, you will need to report that income / loss on a Schedule E.  An updated copy of the sch E form can be found in the IRS forms section below. Use our spreadsheet tool to help you add up your income and expense transactions. 

If you worked overseas for a US company (and are not in the military or work for the government), you can claim a tax credit based on your number of days worked overseas on the IRS form 2555An updated copy of the IRS form 2555 form can be found in the IRS forms section below.  Use our spreadsheet tool to help you calculate number of days by country. 

Most frequently requested IRS forms:

Coker CPA provides additional IRS forms for income tax preparation in Northern Virginia
Form 9465 Installment Agreement Request - IRS Form
Form W4 Employer Withholding - IRS Form
Some IRS forms, for example the W2 and 1099, are not available online, but can be delivered via the US Mail directly from the IRS for FREE ! Please call 1-800-829-3676 to order your FREE IRS forms directly from the IRS (it takes about 10 business days to receive them) 

Or, you can use this link to access all the IRS web site forms:

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