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Charles Coker, CPA ~ Our goal is to make your life less taxing!

Business Services

We can help to keep track of your income and expenses professionally and efficiently, so that you can have accurate and timely financial statements - a picture of how your business id doing.
Our bookkeeping and financial statement preparation services are available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  We can also help with any tax and payroll report filings.
Using online banking to access bank, credit card and loan statements, in conjuction with online accounting software, we can keep track of all the income and expenses, assets and liabilities, and all the debits and credits that flow through your business. 
And provide you with the information you need to make decisions about how to grow your business.
Our fees are based on transaction volume, please call us today at (703) 931-3290 to learn more.

Need help producing 1099-Misc forms for workers?  We can help! 
Here's a list of information we need:
   1. Your business name, address, and federal id #
   2. Each workers name, address, social security # (or federal id#) and total amount paid this year. 

We've added a downloadable spreadsheet - below - that will help you collect your 1099-Misc info. 
We will print the forms and mail them out for you. Give us a call or email to get started.
The requirments as described by the IRS as to who needs to get a 1099 are as follows:
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires businesses (including not-for-profit
organizations) to issue a Form 1099 to any individual or unincorporated business paid in
excess of $600 per calendar year for services rendered. This is required whether these
payments are spread out over the course of the year or are paid in one lump sum payment.
This form is generally not required to be issued to incorporated businesses. The only
exception is when payments are made to incorporated law firms. A 1099 must be issued
whenever payments in excess of $600 per calendar year are made to law firms.

Business Services

With over 30 years of accounting and business experience, we can provide support to your growing business.

Whether your need bookkeeping, income tax preparation, audited financial statements or business consulting advice, we can help you manage and grow your business.

We too are small business entrepeneurs, and know first hand the challenges and rewards of having your own business.  Our practical solutions to your business problems will always be the simplest and most economic.  We can advise you regarding expansion and growth and our management consulting service will assist you with your plans.

You can outsource your accounting functions to us, including bill paying, payroll, invoicing, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. You'll reduce your overhead and gain a professional service provider and consultant.

We offer a 30% DISCOUNT on the Initial one hour consultation for new clients to help determine what we can do to make your life less taxing! 

Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

Accounting for Business, including bookkeeping, financial statements, audits, income tax preparation, quarterly reports, systems analysis and management consulting.
Managing solutions for your office systems, accounting software, and financial / investment decisions.
Computer & Accounting software support - including Quickbooks and Peachtree. Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Schedule, and Depreciation Schedules.

Business Expense Tracking is an important part of managing your company's profitability... whether you're just starting out, going through a transition, or growing. If you're running your business out of your home, you also have to contend with separation of personal and busienss expenses.

Here are two tools that my help you, a narrative that will help you define and organize your business expenses, and a calculator that will actually help you distiguish between personal and business expenses.

Expense Tracking for Small Business
Business Expense Calculator

Charles Coker, CPA can provide a customized solution for your financial and business consulting needs. 

With our combined accounting and computer software expertise, we can help you implement efficient and time saving office systems that support your business growth.

We offer a full spectrum of accounting services, from bookkeeping to financial statements to audits. 

Our business consulting services can help you make the right decisions regarding your investments and business ventures. 

We specialize in a variety of services, and can assist you with the following:

  Bookkeeping - monthly, quarterly or annually
  Set up / convert Accounting Software, such as Quickbooks or Peachtree  
  Financial Statements - Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow...
  Bank Reconciliations - keeping your books balanced  
  Depreciation Schedule calculations
  Loan Applications - real estate, vehicle, line of credit...  
  Business Plans - to meet bank and loan requirements
  Word and Excel Templates - for a professional, consistent output   
  Management Consulting  
  Investment Account Analysis and Strategies
  Business Valuations  
  Payroll,  and year-end W-2's and 1099's  
  Rent / Buy Decision Making  
  Setting up a new Business - Federal, State & Local requirements
  Realt Estate Like Kind Exchanges - 1031  
  Streamlining / integrating efficient manual and computerized systems  
  What - if Analysis  
  Income Tax Preparation - for you AND your business  
  Quarterly and Annual federal and state payroll Reports
  Support for Government Contractors - project management, proposals....  


Assist with Loan Applications, Business Plan, Word and Excel Templates.
Range of Accounting Services from setting up a new business to 1031-Like Kind Exchange.
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Charles Coker, CPA can help you setup up and improve your Quickbooks Accounting software
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